Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church has been exploring ways in which to secure a continued presence on the site for generations to come. The existing building is outdated and expensive to heat and maintain. It contains little flexible space and the upper floors are inaccessible to those with disabilities. Therefore, the managing trustees are proposing to replace the existing building with a purpose built religious and community focused facility.

The proposals for the redevelopment of Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church will provide a new church and community hub with new spaces for community use. The provision of new and bespoke community facilities will allow the church to expand the scope of their activities. Importantly, the redevelopment will also secure the long-term future of Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church and the community services it can provide.

To help fund the new church and community facilities, the redevelopment will also include a hotel. Ideally located near to major tourist attractions and excellent transport links, the hotel will bring significant new investment to the area, helping local businesses and providing new jobs locally.

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In July 2017 we held two public consultation events for local residents and undertook a number of meetings with Residents’ Associations and community groups. We have listened carefully to the feedback from the community and have made a number of significant alterations to the proposals that respond to this feedback. The changes have principally been to the hotel element of the development.

While ensuring that it continues to provide the same local investment and employment opportunities as before, we have reduced the height and overall size of the new hotel to address concerns expressed by surrounding residents living at Lambeth Towers and China Walk. By shortening the building by four storeys, and altering the building line at the rear of the development, we have reduced the number of hotel rooms from 205 to 137. This ensures that the building is fully in keeping with the surrounding buildings including Lambeth Towers and International House.

Following further consultation on our amended proposals, including a public consultation event held in July 2018, we have now submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church to Lambeth Council.


The redevelopment will allow Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church to significantly increase the facilities it provides to the local community. The existing hall, meeting room and office will be re-provided, along with additional flexible community space and a large fully-equipped kitchen. The facilities will therefore be able to accommodate existing groups and organisations, as well as providing additional facilities to enable other community groups to use the building and events such as exhibitions and conferences to take place.

The redevelopment will provide the following improved facilities:

  • Designed and built to a high standard, the appearance and versatility of the church building will be improved;
  • The new building will include a large flexible space which can be used as a worship area, a hall to support present work with local community groups or a theatre;
  • The facilities will include a flexible community space with a roof garden, office facilities, community café and full kitchen facilities;
  • Office space will be used by staff to support the services that it hopes to provide both on the site of Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church and at the Vauxhall Mission;
  • A new entrance on Lambeth Road will create a much more open and welcoming aspect to the community.

Those groups who currently use the building will continue to be part of life at the new Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s church. In addition, other groups will be welcomed. Current proposals for the new building include:

  • Film night and dining programmes for adults – seeking to provide a space of friendship
  • Children’s film shows and other creative opportunities
  • A cultural space for concerts/plays/music and art exhibitions 
  • A hosting space for local groups for conferences and meetings
  • A space for social, fitness and wellbeing programmes for older people in conjunction with the local doctor’s surgery


Thank you to all those who took the time to consider our amended proposals and provided feedback. Following extensive consultation on our proposals, we have now submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of Lambeth Mission & St Mary’s Church to Lambeth Council. The council will now carry out a further period of public consultation as they consider the application.

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We want to meet and hear from as many people as possible.

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